Marriotts Way Marathon

If you’ve been reading the blog updates you’ll know that my friend Anna and I have set ourselves the challenge of running Norfolk’s Marriotts Way, which is 26 miles in length. Now a footpath, bridle way and cycle route managed by Norfolk County Council, Marriotts way was historically a train line from Norwich to Aylsham via Themelthorpe.

The news now is that we have set the date for the weekend of 10/11th June 2017!!

Having reached 15.5miles in training, my preparation is going well. It will be my first marathon and a feet that previously I promised my poor legs I would never do….ooops. I have run a few half marathons in the past, the first one being an experience I’d wish to forget with a hospitalisation, so running is certainly not my strongest discipline. I’m far better at sitting down sports!

On the day it will be a huge psychological challenge in that Anna and I will be 100% self sufficient carrying our hydration and nutrition in our packs and not having the usual crowds cheering us on. The infamous metaphorical “wall” at 20 miles will certainly hurt and there won’t be anyone on hand to carry us over the line, but we will have each other and our mental toughness when it comes to the crunch. Question is, when push comes to shove how hard are we?!

This weekend sees Anna running the London marathon and in true tradition she set the date for her next marathon 1 week prior. What an inspiration! I’m so excited that my cycling buddy who completed 1100km of the Ride4MedicalAid, will once again be at my side urging me through those tough times.

If you wish to support us, the best way would be to make a donation to MAP and the physiotherapy project in Gaza at the link below:



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