I delved into the world of cycling about 5 years ago, transitioning from a rowing world of training day in and day out for one essential top boat and first place finish. I yearned for independence and a break from squad politics and routine.

Cycling for me was about weekend social rides and a variety of century sportives throughout the year. Rowing training camps were replaced with cycling holidays to Spain, France, Mallorca etc. In 2016 cycling started changing for me. It became a medium to voice my humanitarian concerns and to attract attention to causes dear to my heart. I organised and cycled just shy of 3,500km from London to Jerusalem in support of MAP (Medical Aid for Palestinians) and their physiotherapy project in Gaza.

The journey was fundamentally for this cause, but it opened my eyes to travel by bike and to living everyday of my life towards my fundamental concerns and passions. 13 countries all seen and experienced from the [dis]comfort of my own saddle. The dream now is to continue this privilege of bike touring and share it with anyone willing to follow!