Less than 4 weeks to go!!!! Skyline Drive and the famous Blue Ridge Parkway await! 600 miles of the Appalachian Mountains.

After 3, 500km (just under 2,200 miles) across Europe last year, this task seemed easy, a doddle, just a little scenic pootle. After completing 5 months of running training and my first marathon in June, my focus returned to the bike. It gave me 3 months to train and build cycling strength and endurance.

Needless to say, as a pro planner I set to work on staging the route (sod the training it could wait). Surely it couldn’t be that hard, it’s just one road? Having only vaguely considered the elevation gain I figured the ride would take 8 days allowing some time for fishing, eating loads of American sized dinners, and a few sight seeing outings. How wrong I was! After plotting the route over 8 stages on the Garmin Connect app, it roughly meant 75 miles per day with an average of 2, 800m of elevation gain. I realised I’d bitten off more than I could chew. FEAR! So, rewind!!

After discussing timings with Mr super domestique himself (Uncle Mitch) we agreed on a possible 9 days so as to keep dog separation anxiety to a minimum 😉 As it stands I’ll be riding an average 2, 500m gain over 67 miles for 9 days back to back. FEAR!

All accommodation has been booked including the famous Pisgah Inn, some local yocal B&Bs, log cabins and a motel for good measure.

So yeah, the training… Well I’ve thought really hard about cycling and looked at my bike tonnes! In my busy schedule of working and planning, teaching Pilates, working and planning some more I’ve fitted in a couple of weights sessions, a handful of long-ish rides, some indoor sprint sessions and some commuting. Yeah, bit of a fail frankly. FEAR!

What am I trying to say here? When I have the FEAR I avoid avoid avoid. I avoid the exact stuff that I need to do. I procrastinate by working or over planning or by street viewing the world. I make excuses, I convince myself that I’ll just suck it up when the time comes, because I’ve got the stubbornness to get the job done fitness or not. I’ve even avoided writing my blog. What is there to say about only doing a third of the amount of training I need to be doing? The FEAR (excuse) has even had me go on a 3 month sugar/carb free diet to drop weight for the mountains because obviously carrying 2-3kg less is far more effective than being fit?!?!

So here I am, 3 weekends left before I fly. That’s time enough for some longer distance hill rides, spinning, yoga/Pilates, weights each week and 16 work days for the 26km round cycle commute. Come on!

One thought on “The FEAR

  1. ……and if you have a cycle to ride! Hope that small problem gets fixed in time. Whatever the FEAR you will do it when it comes to it and there’s no more time for FEAR. You’ll do it because your’e a ‘Tough Girl’ and have the basic strength of body and character to pull it off regardless of training. I look forward to seeing your reports of daily feats of determination and plain old stubbornness. 😉


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