Sometimes it just goes to plan

The funny thing about committing to a project or challenge is that suddenly a hobby like running or cycling becomes a responsibility, a bit of a chore that you can’t get away with not doing if you have an ounce of respect for your body or supporters.

So some days the running hurts, its the right foot, the right knee, the left big toe, or the back and you just can’t hit a rhythm or others you can’t even muster the energy to get out when the other option is catching up with friends or….eating. And then there are the days like yesterday 🙂 The sun was shining, the wind was low, I had just the right hydration, got the toilet break perfectly timed pre departure…. Yesterday I ran along the Thames path from Putney to the infamous Pink Lodge by Syon Park, and back again. The Pink Lodge outings in rowing were the epics, all about fitness, calorie burning, and syncing with crew mates. They were also exhausting. So the Pink Lodge represents a significant distance in my book.

On Friday afternoon I had nipped into Crewroom to try and find shorts and a singlet with pockets, £150 later and somewhat in denial I had everything to get me through marathon training. Most significantly I had THE capri leggings. With 2 long sleeve lateral thigh pockets, an upper thigh zip pocket AND space around the entire high waist band for gels, a phone, the kitchen sink… So surely these things would fall down at least 20 times over the course of half a marathon? I can confirm not! They didn’t budge even an inch down my legs. The simplest of successes, but huge in the endless quest for comfort.

22.8km done, leggings still in place, a hint of a tan lurking under my flushed shoulders, I finished as a very happy gal.  Proud as punch of the longest run I have done to date and well on my way to marathon fitness! Marriotts Way, I’m coming for you!

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