A Break From Cycling

The long dark months of winter…

Hardly motivational to get out on the bike! Suddenly after returning from wonderful weather, beautiful landscape and scenery, and all the time in the world, cycling in Surrey and around London was not at the top of my agenda. Focus had to change to something more “doable”.

On Christmas day 2016 I went for a walk just outside of Norwich with my parents on a route called Marriotts Way. It’s an old train line 26 miles in length from Norwich to Aylsham. There’s an official 10km run that happens here each year, but not a full marathon. I decided that this year I’d suck it up and run my first marathon along this trail.

This past few weeks have been spent out running, well plodding along the Thames toe path in the lame attempt to get fit again and to make the most of training time. I’m starting to realise that an actual training programme may be in order and a good kick up the bum! Long runs come in 2 forms either measured in distance or time. For me its all about time, I set myself up with a decent podcast or soundtrack, pop my hat on and set off just hoping my foot won’t hurt or I don’t get blown backwards. Good mental space, zoning out pain and being mindful that it is just in my head helps me get through the uncomfortable shift in muscle group re-training. Combining yoga each week and a good stretching programme has also helped. I’ve found that working further away from home gives me the opportunity to fit in longer runs home on weekdays, an optimistic bonus?

Soon will come the final commitment, setting the date for the marathon. A distance I whole-heartedly promised myself I would never do, simply because it might hurt. Surely I can overcome this…perhaps considering WHY and what the motivation is will be a powerful inspiration.

2 thoughts on “A Break From Cycling

  1. Wow – you’re full of surprises. What comes next but I hope you’re not giving up cycling altogether. How’s the swimming? You could move on to be the ‘Iron Woman’ next! Good luck with the training.


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