Tough Girl Podcast



On 1st February 2017 I was honoured to be interviewed by Sarah Williams for her “Tough Girl Podcast”, which will be aired tomorrow morning at 7am (21st March).

It was a special opportunity to share some of my story about Ride4MedicalAid, to look into the ups and downs of the year of preparation and being on the ride itself. Sarah gave me an opportunity to share my own personal journey in a relaxed and raw conversation. Interestingly, it was after listening to some of her previous podcasts that I started to find myself again after feeling so overwhelmed and lost on my return home. This was a great chance to give back!

I hope those who listen get something from it. As someone who hates their voice and spent many hours in speech therapy as a child and suffered the nickname “mumbles” at school, even just the interview process was nerve wracking for me. I’m so proud to have overcome the nerves to get this recording done, it really was another personal mountain climbed 🙂

So to listen either visit Tough Girl Challenges or download podcasts and search for “Tough Girl Podcast” Simples!

One thought on “Tough Girl Podcast

  1. Your epic cycle ride across Europe certainly qualifies you for the ‘Tough Girl’ category and I’ll be interested to hear the podcast. 

    Your most recent post brings me back to your piece on ‘perception’ and I was interested to hear your personal feelings about your voice which surprised me. 

    It is noticeable how different one’s own voice sounds to oneself as opposed to hearing it recorded or over the PA system as others would hear it in conversation. I clearly remember my own reaction being: ‘that’s not me is it’? 

    I think you have a lovely voice. One of your many assets. Confident and reassuring as well as being pleasing to listen to. 

    You are also a talented writer, so evident in your blog pieces. They are interesting, informative, thought provoking and written so expressively. Another avenue to explore more fully? 

    So many routes and which way to go?


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